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Wow u can’t nuke the rain forest you no how much tht would affect the hole world and how many animals and insect s would die it would mess up the food chain nd. Everythin

Boy Am I On A Roll Tonite.

Also from the ‘Puppy Sized Spider’ thread NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE


spellcheck that racism

m sory but it looks that u dont know any thing about history its written in holy scriptures that these were joews who kiled christ u are just shame less people with no homeland u people are just thank less and ignorent species living on this earth


Why should I even read this?
Oh yeah, for worldfamouscommentary content!

Develop an intrigue? Don’t mind if I do!

Always when whatever staggering happens in this world, there are dipshit idiots sounding like someone they dream their ass to be jumping out from nowhere (like a landfill?) impeaching abt BullS plot and collusion. Their spraying shitty comments everywhere just aims to attract people like clowns in circus. THIS IS JUST A FOOTBALL MATCH, what is the big issue losing one? Messi lost to Germany, C.R lost to Germany, all 4-0, so what?! DAMN on all you “know it all truthtellers” and may your family someday develop an intrigue against you!

Foreign language post of the day:



Hi, Thanks for…


Thanks for sharing this.
A few month ago i drink monster allot. In a week i drink it like 3 or 4 times.
But on a moment me brother told me about this. But he diden’t know if it was right.
So i thought, never mind, because i like it very much. i think i was addicted.
But when i drink it again, something in my mind was saying to me, it is not good, stop with it! But i ignore it.
But now, like 2 month ago, i had a dream and i was drinking a Monster, but someone took it from me and wrote down in red collor the nummer 666. And he told me, you know it now, and you still drink it. And in my dream i ran away. So when i woke, i told Jesus to never drink it again.

And now i founbd this site, and i really want it to share.
(i’m sorry for my bad English, it’s because i’m not very good in it)

Thanks for sharing this!

God Bless!

Monster Energy Drink – Unleash the Beast 666

Oh, Monster energy drinks are made by Satan. Specifically, Satan.




Barely related….

Barely related. I’m really weird about a lot of things. One of them is getting my cum on me. I think I’m allergic to it. I was watching Richard Pryor live on the sunset strip, drinking vodka out of the bottle, and getting my dick sucked. I heard the whispering of the American dream. I came and she lifted her head up, smiled and let it all spill out of her mouth and onto my stomach. (Supposed to be sexy I guess.) I laughed but inside I was twisting and writhing. Now I was forced to climb out of the sanctuary of the strange bed that you had to use a ladder to get to and go to the bathroom and wash piles of cum off my stomach. Another weird thing i do is wash my hands for like 10 minutes. When I climbed back up into the bed there was Easymac with weed butter from the night before, a dumb sleeping girl, the rest of a half gallon, and more Richard Pryor. All in all not terrible.

Another 10 minutes spent lurking on /cripplingalcoholism for gems, another 10 minutes well spent.


… … … 2 ol me b…

… … … 2 ol me bro’s & sis’s out zer , 2 ol me homies , 2 ol me dogz’ in de house … if u guys ever get stuck for half an hour som wer … if u dudes get stuck in traffic / bus / sub / work / street / or even home … if u just find z self stuck n’ bored 2 death & u thinkin’ : ” what the F’ me gonna’ do ?” – “how the S’ me gonna’ waste z next half hour ?” … well instead of watchen’ another stupid show on z tele’ , instead of another video game / snack / smoke / cold 1 / or instead of ol of em’ mixed 2gether … instead of ol dat BS – just take half an hour & press dis link dogz :


… If u do so , u’ll c me brother !
… If u do so , u’ll c a 25 year old afro-American kid , giving a speech 2 millions of viewers , wiz no paper , no notes , no hidden teleprompter , no speech writer – nothin’ ! . nothin’ but heart ! u will c a kid – a man – talkin’ from the heart … while our leaders need all that stuff when zey try 2 make us listen , dis kid out zer make u wanna’ listen – coz’ dis kid is pure inspiration ! inspiration in action not only words – inspiration in day 2 day life & not only when de camera’s on – inspiration in his true life story & not some edited clip …
… when zis kid retires he can teach ol dose speech-writers in DC how u really do it … but not zis kid – zis kid will never retire & zis kid won’t write speeches 4 money … zis kid will probably keep playen’ & trainen’ basket-ball as long as he can walk … or even as long as he can breath …

zis kid is KD the kid !

zis kid is Kevin Durant – the man !

Don’t waste u’r times on another addiction homies – listen 2 z man !

Listen 2 z man !!!!!!!

What the FUCK?

KD delivers MVP speech for the ages


.. On a Roll No…

.. On a Roll Now lol … Amazing + Beautiful Track! … Will I Be Able to Tear Maself Off UTUbe Today? … mmmm Me Thinks Not, NEED 2 GO BACK 2 REHAB + NOT ALLOW MASELF TO VISIT as it always ends with me spending MAHOOSIVE AMOUNT OF HOURS SIMPLY SHARING SONG AFTER SONG, especially TOP TUNES LIKE THIS ONE THAT HAVEN’T ACTUALLY THOT TO PUT ON LATELY! 🙂 xxx

The Verve – The Drugs Don’t Work

Inspirational comment from an emotional listener!



Homosexuality……it must NOT be in Arizona’s water. Clean and purified as it should be…..just sayin’. Hetero-Pride!!!!! Why again is the instance of HIS so high amongst guys again?????…….just askin’.

Anderson Cooper tears apart a bigoted senator, is attacked by obviously non-native english speakers.


RUN ON #23

know has the right tell anybody they can’t change or who they can have sex with can there no law stating that united states can controlyour sexual orientation or rights ,know christian or gay person has thats rights,it is up to the indiviual ,like one guy he was dating trangender and than he dated regular woman to ,some black guy’s start calling him gay so when he got arrested he had to go t gay side to keep from getting jump,butif the truth be told there or alot of guys that date shemale,that don’t want to be call gay,gay people are not the majority nither or christian or muslim here i america and by the way iran ha beautiful woman and so does arabia ,listen pussy is good yes test every man she date yes you should ,but people need to mine their own busines worry about jobs housing i don’t care about your sexual preference that’s a personal thing america is taking the rights of american people and flushing it down the drain people wake up yes ,you should tell you woman you took cock up the ass ,these days she might say honey why didn’t you ask me to help you out with her stapon,it’s more than gay people ther freaks weirdo’s and santanist different classes all have human rights it does not stop at gay peolpe or muslim or christian,respect everyone,one


I knew there was some good reason I was trolling this bullshit



Delicious Cake

I cannot believe that in the United States you can be forced to bake a cake. Unbelievable. The Christians believe that you must devote yourself to God alone. So do the Jews and Muslims. The Christians believe that Jesus died to free us from our slavery to sin. The Christians believe that through the grace of Christ, you can overcome addictions, sins, and any behavior. The song that I heard about the other day on the Grammys says, “I cannot change.” This song is a disaster for the country. First of all, you should never say, “I cannot.” But second of all, if you make such a categorical statement, you are telling the world that you think you know everything. What about if it were possible for you to change but you simply don’t know how? Don’t you think that heroin addicts, alcoholics, and other people who are addicts also believe that they cannot change? Don’t you think that thieves, criminals, and other sinners believe they cannot change? What a terrible attitude! Everyone can change. It is simply a matter of reframing the picture. For that reason, we have poets, musicians, and saints. These people see things that other people do not. I have never understood the word “gay.” It seems to me that the homosexual person makes himself into less than a person when he uses that word. Come on! You are a person. You are not gay! Please! Stop defining yourself by your sexuality. I am a person! Try that. If you see yourself as a person, then you do not see color of skin. The black person doesn’t think to himself that he is black. There are many different colors of skin. Does it matter? But the gay person uses the word “gay” as a battering ram. The “gay” person does not have the understanding that although he may be a “gay” person, he is not gay. By that I mean that the “gayness” of a gay person is not the defining characteristic of that person. Please stop telling me that you are gay. Why don’t you just say, “hello.” Why don’t you think about something else? We are inundated with well-meaning people who mistakenly do not understand their personhood. This mistake relates to a false concept of how we see ourselves. Do we see a woman as an object of sex? Or do we see a woman as a person we might love? After all, a man is human and has sexual impulses. Therefore, shouldn’t the man put on a condom and fulfill his needs? No! The woman is a person you love. Shouldn’t you simply have sex and then have an abortion if you have a baby? Ridiculous! Why don’t you try to look at it from the woman’s perspective? Don’t you think the woman is thinking that maybe she has found Mr. Right? Don’t you think that whether you are a man or a woman that you want for another person to love you for your person? Sex is way overrated. We all want to be loved deeply but we simply cannot substitute the false god of sex for our deepest desire.


I love cake! But you cannot make me! Also, Gays. Also, Condoms! Also, America! Also, Alcoholism! What?


NINA i red it!

NINA she is an amazing women i red her history and she is a wonderful women
she fought so hard for the rights of black people in America
she did not rip the benefits from that fight and spent her life in exile
i slut you Nina, do not think you did not win , you won coz Brack Obama is the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA



Commentary on a very special video by a very special artist.


the drinks and the sex

The beeb is no longer a decent kid, he has experienced the drugs, the drinks and the sex, from this point, watch him spiral, in less then a year he’ll be dead or same place as lohan!! Spitting in someone’s face? egging someone’s house? Racing down a street while drinking and smoking pot? He’s definitely heading down the road of no return! He needs to talk to Paris Hilton she definitely cleaned up her act, ask her how she did it and why!!


Why does a major news website promote open forum posting on news articles? Because they want the HITS. The GLAMOR. The HIGH OCTANE DISCUSSION.