Kids always talking about ‘I’m 6’3, 195 Pounds, run a 4.4, what position should I play in football?’ in the comments sections of football videos for absolutely no fucking reason.


im 15 5’11 and 195. Whats a good position for me? I’m also strong and decently fast.

The posters here…

… have a good response.

Im 14 5″11 and 144 pounds fast and pretty strong what position should i play? Football?

guys im 9 years old 7’2 392 lbs (4% bodyfat) should i play football?

Guys, I’m 4’3 and 59 pounds at 14 years old. Should I be a tackle or guard?

I’m 17 feet tall and 540 pounds should I play football

Hi guys… I’m 18 years old, 5’7” and 126 pounds, my measurements are 36-24-38 and I’m still a virgin…. should I be a pornstar? And what position? Doggystyle?

i’m currently 7’2, 390 pounds. I’m 7 years old and was wondering whether i should play running back or punter for my little league team? Any suggestions?

I’m currently 50’2″, 10 tons. I was wondering if I should become a building?