My brother and I were each born into our very own HOLOCAUST – he was born in Auschwitz and I was born into the second Auschwitz the HOLOCAUST of MONTREAL- it is all in my new book Americas First Family of Adoptions Pivas Portant People on Kindle in short form and on AMAZON in full version. This breaks my heart to see this precious child taking her own life because of two excuses for humanity period. They never deserved anyone as kind and caring as this precious child – WE know HATE from the CRADLE and this is the purest form of HATE on earth from these two excuses for humankind who I will never qualify as a so called anything but an “””””OFFSPRING GIVER!””””” They are totally nothing but hateful offspring givers but they never would be anything to me but HATE filled excuses for human kind totally not human period. WE NEED LOVE LOVE LOVE not HATE and this is the purest form of evil. MY brother and I were totally TORTURED by the likes of Dr. Josef Mengele the ANGEL OF DEATH and I would literally go back to that to spare this precious child her life if I could give that baby doll a life filled with LOVE.These two offspring givers are accessories to murder and need to be put in jail for a very long time now. MY brother and I know HATE from the cradle and it is not easy. The TORTURE we each endured was enough to put any human into a total coma and death. Over 220,000 tiniest babies were TORTURED In MONTREAL in the orphanage where I was born and I still believe this precious baby was a GIFT from GOD who never deserved to go out of this life in such a horrific way…

Discussion on the suicide of a transgender teen.

I could cut this up into bits and parts, but so it goes, you may have to read it all.