Thanks for sharing this.
A few month ago i drink monster allot. In a week i drink it like 3 or 4 times.
But on a moment me brother told me about this. But he diden’t know if it was right.
So i thought, never mind, because i like it very much. i think i was addicted.
But when i drink it again, something in my mind was saying to me, it is not good, stop with it! But i ignore it.
But now, like 2 month ago, i had a dream and i was drinking a Monster, but someone took it from me and wrote down in red collor the nummer 666. And he told me, you know it now, and you still drink it. And in my dream i ran away. So when i woke, i told Jesus to never drink it again.

And now i founbd this site, and i really want it to share.
(i’m sorry for my bad English, it’s because i’m not very good in it)

Thanks for sharing this!

God Bless!

Monster Energy Drink – Unleash the Beast 666

Oh, Monster energy drinks are made by Satan. Specifically, Satan.