Barely related. I’m really weird about a lot of things. One of them is getting my cum on me. I think I’m allergic to it. I was watching Richard Pryor live on the sunset strip, drinking vodka out of the bottle, and getting my dick sucked. I heard the whispering of the American dream. I came and she lifted her head up, smiled and let it all spill out of her mouth and onto my stomach. (Supposed to be sexy I guess.) I laughed but inside I was twisting and writhing. Now I was forced to climb out of the sanctuary of the strange bed that you had to use a ladder to get to and go to the bathroom and wash piles of cum off my stomach. Another weird thing i do is wash my hands for like 10 minutes. When I climbed back up into the bed there was Easymac with weed butter from the night before, a dumb sleeping girl, the rest of a half gallon, and more Richard Pryor. All in all not terrible.

Another 10 minutes spent lurking on /cripplingalcoholism for gems, another 10 minutes well spent.