know has the right tell anybody they can’t change or who they can have sex with can there no law stating that united states can controlyour sexual orientation or rights ,know christian or gay person has thats rights,it is up to the indiviual ,like one guy he was dating trangender and than he dated regular woman to ,some black guy’s start calling him gay so when he got arrested he had to go t gay side to keep from getting jump,butif the truth be told there or alot of guys that date shemale,that don’t want to be call gay,gay people are not the majority nither or christian or muslim here i america and by the way iran ha beautiful woman and so does arabia ,listen pussy is good yes test every man she date yes you should ,but people need to mine their own busines worry about jobs housing i don’t care about your sexual preference that’s a personal thing america is taking the rights of american people and flushing it down the drain people wake up yes ,you should tell you woman you took cock up the ass ,these days she might say honey why didn’t you ask me to help you out with her stapon,it’s more than gay people ther freaks weirdo’s and santanist different classes all have human rights it does not stop at gay peolpe or muslim or christian,respect everyone,one

I knew there was some good reason I was trolling this bullshit