I cannot believe that in the United States you can be forced to bake a cake. Unbelievable. The Christians believe that you must devote yourself to God alone. So do the Jews and Muslims. The Christians believe that Jesus died to free us from our slavery to sin. The Christians believe that through the grace of Christ, you can overcome addictions, sins, and any behavior. The song that I heard about the other day on the Grammys says, “I cannot change.” This song is a disaster for the country. First of all, you should never say, “I cannot.” But second of all, if you make such a categorical statement, you are telling the world that you think you know everything. What about if it were possible for you to change but you simply don’t know how? Don’t you think that heroin addicts, alcoholics, and other people who are addicts also believe that they cannot change? Don’t you think that thieves, criminals, and other sinners believe they cannot change? What a terrible attitude! Everyone can change. It is simply a matter of reframing the picture. For that reason, we have poets, musicians, and saints. These people see things that other people do not. I have never understood the word “gay.” It seems to me that the homosexual person makes himself into less than a person when he uses that word. Come on! You are a person. You are not gay! Please! Stop defining yourself by your sexuality. I am a person! Try that. If you see yourself as a person, then you do not see color of skin. The black person doesn’t think to himself that he is black. There are many different colors of skin. Does it matter? But the gay person uses the word “gay” as a battering ram. The “gay” person does not have the understanding that although he may be a “gay” person, he is not gay. By that I mean that the “gayness” of a gay person is not the defining characteristic of that person. Please stop telling me that you are gay. Why don’t you just say, “hello.” Why don’t you think about something else? We are inundated with well-meaning people who mistakenly do not understand their personhood. This mistake relates to a false concept of how we see ourselves. Do we see a woman as an object of sex? Or do we see a woman as a person we might love? After all, a man is human and has sexual impulses. Therefore, shouldn’t the man put on a condom and fulfill his needs? No! The woman is a person you love. Shouldn’t you simply have sex and then have an abortion if you have a baby? Ridiculous! Why don’t you try to look at it from the woman’s perspective? Don’t you think the woman is thinking that maybe she has found Mr. Right? Don’t you think that whether you are a man or a woman that you want for another person to love you for your person? Sex is way overrated. We all want to be loved deeply but we simply cannot substitute the false god of sex for our deepest desire.


I love cake! But you cannot make me! Also, Gays. Also, Condoms! Also, America! Also, Alcoholism! What?