The needle is a guy’s penis. This song is about being anally violated. First I’ll go through a backstory, then we’ll go through each verse. For those who have never lived it the story goes like this.

First verse. The guy kept poking me around my bum with a big stiffie and telling me sweet nothings when we were supposed to be just having a nice nap. That was the start of all the damage he did to me emotionally plus it tears up your rectum too.

Second verse. We lost all these nice boys in the city because they were taking the needle so much. They never did come back. They just turned gay and stayed in the city. Even my manfriend got affected.

Third verse. Pretty self-explanatory. As far as the milk/blood thing that was really insightful. I was trying to keep the friendship going even though I was afraid he was turning gay and was spending more and more time in OKC. So I was taking his milky cum in my ass mixed with my own psychoemotional plus real physical blood (it tears) instead of just running away from the friendship.

A interpretation of the Neil Young classic ‘The Needle and the Damage Done.’

Intentionally humorous, or humorously intentional???