I’m pretty sure i would tell some one that i love them and cheer them one to stay sober your such a fucking retard.”

“How would you people like if millions of people told you how worthless and satanic and illuminate you are, when all you are doing is what you are passionate about”

“She really Doped She Miley Cyrus Twin”

“dude this is an amazing song 4real fuck all you mofuckers who r hating, i dont even lyk lady gaga or this song, but the emotion she sings it with gives me goosebumps!!! idc wat u hav to say that man woman IT has talent… bt nothings bttr than dope lol love is just a hallmark saying to make money.. think bout it and dont hate”

“I still have depression been in it since i was 5 from a medicine i had to treat ADHD im 15 now still suffering it”

[No context here, just posted out of the blue]

“Furthermore Mark Taylor, you don’t know what Lady Gagas walk is with Christ. And messing in someone’s anointing, when you claim to be a Christian, is highly stupid on your part! You don’t know her life. You don’t what she’s going through. You are a classic example of a boom of Job friend. And if you are true Christian, you will know what I’m talking about. Quick to pass judgment and condemnation. And people like you are why we lose opportunities to minister to other about Jesus. Shame on you.”

“This is why I don’t want a wife. I feel like an alien who’s in a world where people believe you’re supposed to marry or have a partner to live. Even if so, people freak out so far that I can’t BE ALONE. Bitch has gold on her mind if it weren’t for ths person she sings about. If I REALLY AM so great, it’s fucking pitiful things can’t be my way. I heard my mom “what if the money doesn’t get you there?” That indicates to me I’m not that good either way. If that’s so, I want my goods. THE TRUTH GETS ME THERE, but I’m not allowed it. It doesn’t matter if faces are scorched because of me. That’s amid lies it’s caused under my name. Overall, it still isn’t my responsibility. I fought my sins… I relieved my secrets. You didn’t. I needed help, didn’t get it, people did shit, and it’s my fault? Fuck you.”

[No context here either.]

“Gaga it’s so sensitive like no other sing”

“Whites aren’t superior actually. If we were superior we wouldn’t have produced white liberals who allowed this crises to occur that is happening right now where non-whites are being flooded into white countries and only white countries and destroying ourselves in the process. I guess someone like me trying to get rid of you means you won’t be able to continue your parasitical ways of living off hard-working white folk back over in africa or whichever shithole you came out of
and I guess that’s one of the reasons as to
why you feel so threatened
Respond to me like a pos if you like, but that won’t change the fact I’m telling the truth and I’m demoralizing you.”

[Yup, still in the Lady Gaga commentary thread]

“Illuminati Garbage, fuck this and fuck youtube.. Kill Illuminati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Party is just the began,,,IMAM MUHAMMED uncle of JESUS the MESSIAH”


“Soooo….this is Jew music?

I can’t help myself! More Lady Gaga Commentary!