I heard shes gonna sing in space in 2015?. Maybe thats when her death is scheduled by the illuminati? Because she fucked up??. That my akward weird theory. And shes just sad because she’s gonna die against her will and cannot do nothing about it.”

“worse fuckin song I ever heard. worse than hearing Kathy bates fuckin, while hearing a bag of kittens being beat over her back fat.”

“Hey, I don’t believe in the devil or god either no matter which one of the many religions are spewing its legitimacy.. But that doesn’t stop the Illuminati from Satan worship. It is THEY who we are talking about, not me or you, so it is THEY who believe in the devil. I can and do wholeheartedly believe the Illuminati to be real, and Satan worshipers. Does that mean I believe Satan is real? Of course not; I’m not 10 years old anymore. but they still believe him to be real. Satan means the accuser. In biblical texts Satan was an angel that questioned god, and from gods intolerable ideals he cast Satan down upon the earth to rule the flesh. Now once again, that is just complete ‘science’ fiction in my eyes, but to them it’s the truth, to them, they feel Satan is better than god for certain reasons so they worship, and subliminally push the image on the masses. America backs Israel 100% since the land was wrongfully given to the Israelis by the British. See now, Jews believe in god, yet in the biblical texts it is Jesus who when risen is to bring the Israelites back to their homeland AND ONLY THEN and if anyone make home there before Jesus comes at the end times, they will be unforgivable and no remorse will be shown to their souls. The Illuminati did that very purposefully because they believe now, that all Jewish residents there will and are Satan worshipers now. You can find this information through reading the religious texts and many other books on Zionism, freemasonry, Jewish culture/history and the dots will begin to not only connect themselves, but play out like a mystery novel in it of itself. Even some of our own presidents feared the hand the Illuminati would gain over the masses. Non belief is their best tool in letting them stay hidden in plain sight.”

“Why don’t you do us all a favor and cut yourself you dumb emo cunt

Commentary on Lady Gaga’s Video ‘Dope’


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