this is a child I am A Early Childhood Teacher I am black most of my 4-5 year olds are white they as well as the diverse group I have act like children as we did, why is this an issue, of her being a criminal and her parents did not discipline her, should I judge my white toddlers, and their parents, when they have tantrums, run out the room fall, kick, and scream while the other toddlers follow directions. are should I become partial and say oh they didn’t take their medicine. no way they are CHILDREN, not future criminals because they did not follow a routine that an adult set these are children that’s sad that hate and stereotyping of a black child doing something different then the others she is doing what children do she is a child how did her future get involved and her parents when white parents put on you tube something different that their children do it’s cute but a black child they are on medicine are have bad parents are criminals the child is a child

I Lolled, Well and Hard!

The video is adorable too.