Operation infiltration, HipHop gonna be in ruins like Egypt after the whites invaded.

The homosexual Emeneim doing duets with full blown fags like Elton John to throw you off on his true intentions, he intended to dilute a Black cultural artform with his own specialized brand of sickness, rife with mother-hatred, serial-killing, pedophilia, beastiality, and perversion.

One day HipHop will be all Emenim, Mac Miller, Mcelmore and Ryan Lewis, and the underground will be Vinnie Paz and Action Bronson, it will become a gay friendly culture, a white friendly culture and no longer represent the oppressed, and the streets, and the voiceless.

It’s just what they do and history teaches us that eventually rap music will be colonized exploited and stripped of its natural nutrients by foreigners and imperialist whites who act like a parasite on its host.

You don’t need Zodiacs and a white-skinned Jesus as kmowledge’ that’s tricknolgy, our education consists of knowledge of self and do for self.

Discussion centering around Eminem’s use of homophobic slurs in his new music.