I’ve never had any anal sodomy fetish which is masturbation with a risk of death by AIDS regardless of the skin complexion of who you’re doing it with. If you’ve been raped by somebody have the nutcase arrested so he doesn’t do it to anybody else. If it was when you were in jail, you can get the individual chemically castrated. I spent 20 years training as a professional killer in the Army and my old man was a Marine DI who taught me how to disarm and disable somebody attacking me before I learned how to ride a bicycle so I’m not easily intimidated by anybody whatever their skin complexion if that’s what you mean. I’ve personally known two murderers, one of whom was a racist Rap music loving drug addict who’s more rational brother talked him out of a fight with me because there was a good chance I might have killed him in self-defense. The other was a kid who chopped up his whole family with an ax despite their having the same skin complexion he did.

Maybe I should rename my blog ‘Best of Jim Scribner’.