Gucci Gucci Gucci Mane

wow this is the best place i have ever been to. first they start you off with a 5 star gucci flip flop, then they proceed to burn it and then logan paul appears and then u die

Believe it or not, this is a review for a Trash disposal company.,-122640177,3898&tbm=lcl&ved=0ahUKEwjr_tHLiZjbAhUXzWMKHQ2aAbQQtgMIKw&tbs=lrf:!2m4!1e17!4m2!17m1!1e2!2m1!1e2!2m1!1e3!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui:2&rldoc=1#rlfi=hd:;si:,45.538484670261575,-122.65858792046339;mv:!1m3!1d53589.81272020021!2d-122.65051176708982!3d45.510275320287214!3m2!1i580!2i460!4f13.1



Roundhouse Kick to the Bass-Face

 I was not “blown away” as the 5 star review would suggest. For that, I had to add the 115, which added deeper boom kaboom and maple syrupy sweet & deep dreamy vibrations to the mix. This 410 adds the necessary punch, or more like a roundhouse kick in the jaw. The type of kick to give the listener whiplash shall he or she stand too close. I run them from a Hartke 5500 500 watt amp, which is a good match for these two. Maybe after sacrificing my poor innocent soul a little longer in the salt mines I’ll be able to afford an svt head so that I can bliss out in SVTone heaven, but till then, I’m a stone’s throw away, floatin in the clouds waitin for the good lord to bless me by elevating me to the next level of rig righteousness.–ampeg-svt-410he-4×10-inch-500-watt-bass-cabinet

Music Equipment reviews we can all ‘Get into.’




What a thrill

At FOX 12 surprising with all the news we still have time to watch some blond guy eat breakfast. Four hours in the morning of women gossip and dog story’s FOX 12 is right on the top of the news.. North Korea has nuclear weapons ,half of our government under criminal investigation by the other half, wild fires all over the state yet Fox 12 finds someone eating breakfast much more important. To make thing even more interesting they have two blond girls reading the news and it seem five other young lady’s trying to dig up something of interest at a park or hit and run dog incident. Bravo FOX 12, maybe you could expand to whole day 6 to 6 and we can watch people eat lunch what a thrill.


Thrills with chills and spills!

the game it feels like

It feels like when i watched the games before they went to the new ones, when it was mike and mike, then it was about like what i remember it being like. However then it was like if it was how it is now you wouldn’t believe it at all. So there are certainly considerations to be taking a count of.

I’m considering those considerations.


“jealous” hahah lmao i have everything i want to, best clothes, best furnishings, travel trough the world, eat and drink all day what i want. But i get it by my own and give the biggest middlefinger to the police and the population. I get everything by killing myself slowly in the druglife – thats antilfe! u´ll never get it. go to ur job and do what ur boss says while i live $uicide to the motherfucking rest of my life.

Not a humorous entry, more a pensive one. I looked up suicideboys because kids from a drug treatment center are really into them. It ties together.


Election Season

ACHTUNG DAS ZENZORSHIPEN IST SETTEN ZU , HIMMLER…….DANKE………and i go thru 5 a/c/ct s a day speaking pro don truths , i posts 3 posts on the last a/cct and the memory hole ate me. BRITS you live all of 1984 while muuuzis plan ur deaths.


A reply:


Well. OK, I guess that makes sense.

Dear Abby: – Ashamed in Conneticut

Take that feeling of disappointment and crush it down deep inside of you. Hold it in until you feel sick, and grab some dunkin’.

Hop on to 95 and start cutting people off. This is Connecticut and that is how we deal with shame. Suppress, Caffeinate, Redirect.

Well, then how do you deal with humiliation? By sticking up for Tom Brady?

An Enlightening Basketball Conversation




Here’s the reply:

the problem is the square ur feet thing fucking sucks. Name 3 quality now a days shooters that the square their feet

And off it goes!

Fuck u

fuck u

(Billy Mays Voice) But wait! There’s more! (/BillyMays)

fuck u pussy accept it the age of squaring up is dead

im 12 u didk

I am older than u

(Not by much, I’m guessing)

ok when i made that comment i was 11 but i started turning my feet like 3 months before my birthday so shut up u dick

Hey i am trying to help u out

Well, that got weird.

So if I was Pastafarian and believed in the Flying Spaghetti Monster and in that religion molesting children was fine then you wouldn’t mind if I molested your children? My bible says after I molest a child I am required to have some pasta. So, I’ll cook up some rigatoni with your daughter’s tears and all is forgiven.

Duggars scandal fodder.

Dave Chapelle is Back

David Chapelle is going for that near 50 year old mess near the edge thing now – not bad, he’s doing it alright – but maybe he’s pushing the “I drive a porsche and smoke weed in public and have a bad marriage” thing a little hard. I’m doing the “I’m white and 26 and posting a comment nobody gives a fuck about” thing. Glad he’s back though and in good form. He’s got atleast a year before the suicide

And everything was going so well!

Until the suicide.


i wuz doing ketamine the other day to this song and whole cd and “come with us” and some of “we are the night” must buy more k and go deeper into space 😛 xD im so glad im dun with mega toxic dxm this is way cleaner and better … my views from both have emilinated all depression and anxiety now im itther very happy until i get very pissed off lmao its fun join me in k land

You’re making us look bad bro, cut it out.

Beautiful Women in Skittles-Skates… One Day, She Will Be My Wife.

This woman reminds me of the many great women I meet while working at a Target department store that diligently worked there. Where I stocked the Baby department at Target. There are near 18 Steven Murphy’s in every state in USA yet I doubt I am related to all of them. I am related to Joseph Smith that started the LDS Church and many famous explorers and adventurers. Wow Skittles are a great adventure I love the variety of colors.

I just felt the full gamut of emotions.

With this body type…

Kids always talking about ‘I’m 6’3, 195 Pounds, run a 4.4, what position should I play in football?’ in the comments sections of football videos for absolutely no fucking reason.


im 15 5’11 and 195. Whats a good position for me? I’m also strong and decently fast.

The posters here…

… have a good response.

Im 14 5″11 and 144 pounds fast and pretty strong what position should i play? Football?

guys im 9 years old 7’2 392 lbs (4% bodyfat) should i play football?

Guys, I’m 4’3 and 59 pounds at 14 years old. Should I be a tackle or guard?

I’m 17 feet tall and 540 pounds should I play football

Hi guys… I’m 18 years old, 5’7” and 126 pounds, my measurements are 36-24-38 and I’m still a virgin…. should I be a pornstar? And what position? Doggystyle?

i’m currently 7’2, 390 pounds. I’m 7 years old and was wondering whether i should play running back or punter for my little league team? Any suggestions?

I’m currently 50’2″, 10 tons. I was wondering if I should become a building?

I’ve lost my train of thought!

Reply 1:

Instead of using cialis to get an erection, you could just jam a footlong, 1/4″ thick glass rod up your urethra. Then, when you want to get soft again, just smash it with a hammer.

Reply 2:

When I worked at The UPS Store, we had one guy who just exuded a complete aura of “pervert” who had a mailbox with us. He used to get magazines and catalogs delivered to the box in a sealed paper envelope. After he closed out his account there, those kept coming for him, and since he was a weirdo and we were terrible employees, we opened one one day and it was a catalog of some of the most extreme, nastiest BDSM accessories I’d ever seen in my life, including an entire section of urethra plugs, some of which were ribbed for his “pleasure”.

I lost my train of thought.

STOP POSTING IMMEDIATELY!–213842?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default

“Eyes Wide Shut,” reviewed by telepaths

Some people say I have a gift but all I know is that in my life I have heard a distinct audible voice only 3 times speak to me. 1: To tell me John Lennon died 2: My best friend died (past tensed used ) 3: I was sitting in the Brompton Oratory in London and I was told to pray for Nicole Kidman. I obeyed. Eyes Wide Shut had been released and Kubrick was dead. Two months later her marriage was a shambles and it took her a long time to heal. I believe Nicole was set free from something very dark that was associated with Tom & Scientology personally. I am so happy for her now. I have never liked this movie.

Great film analysis, even better commentary. Fuck the movie, obey the voices!

220,000 Tortured Babies

My brother and I were each born into our very own HOLOCAUST – he was born in Auschwitz and I was born into the second Auschwitz the HOLOCAUST of MONTREAL- it is all in my new book Americas First Family of Adoptions Pivas Portant People on Kindle in short form and on AMAZON in full version. This breaks my heart to see this precious child taking her own life because of two excuses for humanity period. They never deserved anyone as kind and caring as this precious child – WE know HATE from the CRADLE and this is the purest form of HATE on earth from these two excuses for humankind who I will never qualify as a so called anything but an “””””OFFSPRING GIVER!””””” They are totally nothing but hateful offspring givers but they never would be anything to me but HATE filled excuses for human kind totally not human period. WE NEED LOVE LOVE LOVE not HATE and this is the purest form of evil. MY brother and I were totally TORTURED by the likes of Dr. Josef Mengele the ANGEL OF DEATH and I would literally go back to that to spare this precious child her life if I could give that baby doll a life filled with LOVE.These two offspring givers are accessories to murder and need to be put in jail for a very long time now. MY brother and I know HATE from the cradle and it is not easy. The TORTURE we each endured was enough to put any human into a total coma and death. Over 220,000 tiniest babies were TORTURED In MONTREAL in the orphanage where I was born and I still believe this precious baby was a GIFT from GOD who never deserved to go out of this life in such a horrific way…

Discussion on the suicide of a transgender teen.

I could cut this up into bits and parts, but so it goes, you may have to read it all.